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Apple is keeping a log of all their iOS users’ location history.

  • A lawsuit is being filed - source
    • asking for an injuction against Apple
    • asking for a refund, not clear whether devices must be surrendered
  • But as far as anybody can tell, the data isn’t being sent to Apple
  • Nobody knows for sure what it is supposed to be used for

Guess what? Google and Microsoft are doing it too! - source
Everybody was fine with it when it was just the phone companies and the federal government that were doing it.
Courts don’t agree on whether a warrant is required, so depending on what district you live in, different standards are applied. source

Apple Breaks Their Own Record Once Again, Sold 18.65 Million iPhones In Q2 2011

50% Of Apple’s Revenue Now Comes From The iPhone

News Rundown

Priceline founder targets Apple’s iPad in second patent lawsuit

President Obama is an iPad 2 User – source

Skype kicks off an Android and Iphone video calling service – using Qik
old news… fring can already do that.