The iPad Show Episode 31 for Sunday, August 22, 2010

Check in to now! “The iPad Show”

Today we will be looking at “Back To School” apps for students, how to transfer data to and from your iPad, lots of juicy news, and more!

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  • Steve
    • CourseNotes by Dear Panda LLC  $4.99
      • Watch nice video of it here (cool music by The Everyday Visuals)
    • Digits $.99
    • iHomework $1.99
      • “Add Teachers” not working while creating an assignment
      • Crashes when attempting to set the date on a reminder (says it will be fixed in the next release)
  • Dave
    • College Notebook $5.99
    • WordWeb Dictionary Free or $2.99 for audio version
    • GoSkyWatch Planetarium Free for iPad $5.99 for universal app


  • Access your iPad from your computer using Phone Disk ($10)
    • Free code from their website: 2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8
  • Phone View
    • Full iPhone and iPad Access


  • Mobile Flash Fail – Laptop Magazine Avram Piltch
  • Apple Opens Door to Free iPad Content for Print Magazine Subscribers Fortune
  • Phil Shoemaker (App Store Czar) is former fart app maker link
  • Facebook Places location works on the iPad
  • Verizion to offer live TV on iPad… over your FIOS wifi only
  • Apple’s delicious iPad commercial
  • iTV in September?