By Steve Bostedor

067There aren’t many cases out there for the iPad right now so I decided to roll my own.  I really wanted something that would let me take my iPad to meetings to replace my laptop and legal writing pad. I bought the Apple iPad case but it’s too thin, doesn’t offer much protection, and has no pockets. 

I needed something more like a daily planner style case.  After finding nothing online, here’s how I made my own!

As you will see below, I used a Day-timer case as the base of this project.  I chose this one because of the inside pocket that was meant for the calendar.  After taking that out, it fit the iPad as well as the Apple iPad case perfectly!

The Pieces




  1. Duck 12 in X 20ft Foam Wrap (only use one sheet) $7.00
  2. Office Max microfiber cleaning cloth $4.00
  3. Scotch double-sided tape $4.29
  4. Day-timer Personal Organizer $49.99

The Process


1. Start by removing the calendar and legal pad from the inside of the Day-Timer


060 061

2. Cut one sheet of the foam wrap to the size of the inside pocket on the Day-Timer. Remember that we’re using the picket that slides in sideways, not the vertical one.



3. Using the double-sided tape, affix the micro-fiber cloth to the center of the foam wrap and then slide the entire sheet (micro-fiber side down) into the side pocket.  Affix it to the inside of the pocket using the double-sided tape.

Steps 2 and 3 are needed because the inside pocket on this case are a bit scratchy for a glass device like the iPad.  The micro-fiber cloth also cleans the screen a little each time that you slide the iPad into and out of the case.

The second pocket in this case fits the Apple Bluetooth keyboard perfectly! This turns the Day-Timer into a complete portable office that weights about half that of my HP Elitebook.  There are also a couple of extra pockets in the case that you can use to carry business cards, pens, iPhone, and any other small accessory.


If you are just using the iPad bare (with no other case), you can simply prop the iPad in portrait or landscape mode in the case as shown below.


If you are using this with an Apple iPad case, you get the extra flexibility of positioning.  It also makes it look more like a daily planner (especially with the Calendar app running).


002 003 005


You can also see this case in action on our YouTube review channel as well as in Episode 13 of The iPad Show.